an ode to spring


When you live in Minnesota, the Land of the Eternal Winter, one can be very skeptical when the official start of spring approaches. In less than a week spring will arrive and everywhere I see there is snow.  But this past week, as the temperatures warmed up to the 40s, I went to check on the garden beds, and there staring back at me was the smallest shoot of an Apricot Parrot tulip barely breaking ground.  You have no idea, unless you are gardener or enjoy flowers, what good that does to the soul yearning for spring. Soon the soil will be thawed, seeds will go in, and all the hard work of fall and spring will pay off with, hopefully, and abundance of blooms. Every time I work out the soil and spend time planting in the spring, I am always reminded of Margaret Atwood when she said “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt”.  I wholeheartedly agree.

in a vase monday - my first (and last) event flowers

This past weekend we celebrated my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday in a wonderful celebration with family and friends, many who travelled a long way to be here.  And with my love for flowers, I volunteered to do the flowers for the tables.  I wanted something classy but not stuffy, and that would go with the decorations but not clash.  First of all, I know flowers are expensive but I did not realize HOW expensive. After looking around (and almost spending hundreds of dollars) one of the nurses at the hospital I work at told me to check Trader Joe’s and did I hit the bonanza! It was amazing! I spent $85 in nine (9) dozen cream colored roses and twelve (12) bunches of eucalyptus varieties. And of course that includes the fillers and additional eucalyptus I had to go back for.  This is why I grow the flowers, not design them.

I stayed with the same theme for different variations.  In the end, I really love how they turned out. The roses looked beautiful nestled among the ‘Seeded Eucalyptus’. For filling spaces ‘Silverdollar Eucalyptus’ and white ‘wax flowers’ worked beautifully, and for height I went with the ‘True Blue” variety.  My mother-in-law loved them and the guests did too.  Actually a few of them asked me if I would consider doing flowers for some of their events. Ummm... no, thank you.  I was so tired at the end of the party that I am sticking to growing them.  Somebody else can do the professional arranging. :)