minnesota skies


I love living in Minnesota.  The two years since I moved here have shown me a state of incredible beauty that has so much to offer if only we get that image most Americans have of Minnesota-- the movie Fargo.  In reality Minnesota is a state of magnificent beauty and one of the things I love the most is the sunset and sunrises.  Holy smokes!  I have never seen such sky.  Above and below are images that I have taken from our house.  And every time I am blessed to witness such beauty I thank the Lord for the gift of sight and appreciation for nature.  This is my Minnesota skies.


Minnesota skies are gorgeous during sunrises and sunsets.  But there is also a raw beauty to the skies that can suddenly turn stormy.  I have never lived in a place with such magnificent demonstrations from Mother Nature.  They take your breath away.  The force of nature reminds us that we are but small specks in this big world and we are not in control.  These are some of my favorite images.

This next one came with a tornado warning.  The front of the house looked sunny when the warning came.  I said to myself "what in the world" and when I opened the back deck door... this!


This next photo was take during a storm at sunset time.  It was an eerie tone of pink.


I have a thing for severe weather images and my husband knows that if there is a storm I will be out there until it is too dangerous to stay out.  He humors me because he knows I love nature in its powerful form.  Maybe he thinks I am crazy and has not told me. LOL.