There are many different things you need when you are going camping whether along with or with your family or your friends. Few of those things are an opinel pocket knife, stab cast iron cookware and kerosene lamp.  Why do you need all this stuff when you are going camping? Let us see the reasons for having all this stuff with you in your camping bag. 

Let us start with opinel pocket knife Australia. You should have multiple pieces of these knives depending upon the storage space you have. They will come handy in many of the different situations. These situations can be like when you are wishing to have the fresh fish meat you can use one of these knives to cut the fish and remove the scales from its skin. You can use it to open up a food can if you have forgotten the can opener at home. You can use it cut the ropes if need. You can use it to chop up the small woods for firing them up. If you have vegetables with you, you obviously want to cut the vegetables as well. 

Then we have the quality Staub cast iron cookware. This thing is used for cooking purposes as it is clear from the name. You can cook anything you like if you have all the ingredients with you on the camping spot. You can also make tea or coffee in it. If you have the storage issue you can also keep small utensils like spoons knives and small bowls etc in it. Then after you have finished eating you can put all the stuff back in it and keep everything neat, clean and hygienic.

Then we have the kerosene lamps. You might be thinking that why would you need kerosene lamps when you have the torch for lighting up in the dark. Well, there are actually several reasons why you need at least one kerosene lamp. When you are sleeping under the open sky and everything is dark you got to have some light in your tent. But, if you light up the torch it would be bright to sleep and if you turn it off it is too dark. So, to balance the lighting problem, have the kerosene lamp because you can adjust the light you would like to have. This way the light will not be too harsh for the eye to fall asleep but it would be bright enough that if you wake up in the middle of the night you will not fall down or have some kind of an accident. So, have all these with you when you are leaving for camp is important.