There are a number of different options you could choose from if you want to install grass to your lawn. The countless benefits of having a lush green lawn can simply not be denied. Not only does grass benefit the environment by trapping carbon dioxide but also it can be amazing to uplift your mood as well as provide you with a sufficient supply of oxygen. So, if you are having trouble picking the right type of grass for your lawn then you should certainly consider going for the popular buffalo grass Melbourne.

The trend of buffalo grass have been rising in popularity nowadays with more and more homeowners resorting to it to make their house beautiful. So, if you are wondering what may be so special about this grass, we will be talking more about it. Let’s see some of the amazing benefits of buffalo grass and how it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. 

Requires Low Fertility

If you are looking for a grass option which will also save your money from supplemental fertilizers then you are looking at the right place. Buffalo grass has low fertility requirement so this enables the owner to make sure that the grass remains dense without having the need to use any supplements to help it grow.

Resists Drought

Dry atmosphere is one of the biggest enemy of grass. However, this is not the case for buffalo grass. In fact, its drought resistance is incredibly remarkable. Even if you do not water it for an extended period of time you do not have to worry. As soon this grass gets water it is going to bloom green once again. This drought resistance is one of the core reasons that why this grass is so popular in Australia.

Adding Aesthetic Appeal

A green lawn can make a huge difference on the aesthetic appeal of your house. So, if you want a low maintenance grass which does not require mowing too often while ensuring that it can keep your property look aesthetically appealing, then the buffalo grass is the best option for it. After all, it does not grow more than 8 to 12 cm so taking the time to mow the grass from your busy schedule is going to be the least of your worries.

If you have low time for maintenance that does not mean you should not enjoy an amazing lawn. If you are unsure which option to go for then you can pick the buffalo grass with your eyes closed. So we hope you learned a thing or two from this article and now you will be able to pick the best grass according to the climate of where you live to enhance the appeal of your lawn.